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The band Mist was born in 1988 with the remaining members of the band Mayhem and former Chakal vocalist Vladimir Korg. The band recorded the album Phantasmagoria the following year and gained notoriety for it’s thrash metal with touches of heavy metal. The line-up was Vladimir Korg on vocals, Beto Lima and Reinaldo Cavalão on guitars, Cello Dias on bass and Chris Sallles on drums.

In 1991 the band and the two original guitarists decided to follow different paths. For the job they hired former Sepultura Jairo Guedez. Now a quartet The Mist recorded what´s considered the band's classic: The Hangman Tree, a conceptual album. The band bets on dark moods and allegorical and poetic lyrics, flirting with cinema and literary classics such as The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan and Neverland. The album, which marks the debut of guitarist Jairo Guedz with the band, reveals Cello Dias as a distinguished composer.

In 1993, the band undergoes changes in formation with the departure of Vladimir Korg. A new The Mist appears, now a trio and heavily influenced by industrial metal. With this marking they launch Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. The band plays some shows as a trio with Chris Salles on drums, Jairo Guedz on guitar and Cello Dias on bass and vocals. Cello Dias leaves the band to join Soulfly, a new project by Max Cavalera. The band then recruited Cassiano Gobbet for bass and vocals and recorded the Gottverlassen album.

In 1995 the band decides to end activities.

In 2018, Vladimir Korg reissue the band with Chris Sallles on drums and Jairo Guedz on guitar. Wesley Ribeiro, bassist of the band Hellspunch, was hired as they start for The Scarecrow Tour, bringing the band's great classics on its Set List. After the successful tour Jairo Guedz leaves to assemble a new band, The Troops of Doom. Chris Salles also leaves, for private reasons. With the world cloistered by the pandemic, the band's new lineup - Edu Megale on guitars, Wesley Ribeiro on bass and Korg on vocals - enters the studio Masonaria do Audio in 2021 to record their first new music in 25 years, the EP The Circle of the Crow, produced by Alan Wallace, from the band Eminence. The drums will be recorded by guest musician Riccardo Linassi. The EP contains four songs: My inner monster, Over my dead body, The Blackmail of God and The Tempest. The EP, according to Korg, will serve as a passage for the writing of The Mist's newest album.

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